Foreign Partners

Deutscher Alpenverein

Our partnership with the DAV Constance began on May 1995, when representatives of our Club participated in meeting of the Constance partnership cities held in the City of Constance. Then members of the DAV Constance visited the City of Tábor in the autumn 1995.

Our partnership was strengthened during the Tábor Meetings in 1996, when 10 members of the DAV came to Tábor. Since then we have organised the joint mountain tours in the Alps or in our country each year.


Oesterreichischer Alpenverein

Some members of our climbing club Trek are also members of the Czech group at the OEAV Innsbruck section. In addition to it, some of our alpine instructors and guides passed the OEAV examinations and obtained the international qualification of the alpine guide.


Internationaler Volkssportverband

Since 1995 the Czech Tourist Club has jointed the IVV (International Federation of Popular Sports) and represents Czech Republic there.

The KČT Tábor organises the following IVV-activities: the May IVV-Weekend in the Hussite Country involving the IVV-city trail Through Hussite Tábor the march Through Hussite Country and the and the hike A Fox Runs to Tábor


Europäische Wandervereinigung

The Czech Tourist Club is also a member of the European Ramblers Association (EWV, ERA) involving 52 tourist clubs from 27 European countries. The ERA represents the interests of tourism in the EU and maintain network of long distance hiking routes named European trails, three of which (E3, E8 and E10) pass through the territory of the Czech Republic and are within the competence of the KČT markers.

In 2001 the members of our Club participated in the European activity EURORANDO and will participate in EURORANDO 2006, too.