Czech Partners

Klub českých turistů

Main partners in preparation of our Club activities are other sections of the Czech Tourist Club (KČT), the KČT South Bohemia and the KČT Central Office. We regularly participate in the main activities organised by our partners and they join in our activities. The representatives of our section meet partners of other KČT South Bohemia sections at trainings of sports instructors annually in autumn, to exchange experiences and give information of their new tourist activities and events in clubs.

Since 1998 we have met the member of the KČT Milevsko and Písek sections annually in June.

In 1998 we restored together with the KČT Prague-Prčice section the Tábor trail of the known Prague-Prčice March and in 2005 we'll organise a new trail with starting point in Mladá Vožice.

Since 1999 our climbing club Trek has organised in cooperation with the KLUB TURISTA Písek section the May Days of the Climbing in Písecké hory.

KČT South Bohemia KČT

Sokol Tábor

We organise sports-tourist activities for all age groups, namely for children and young peoples together with Sokol. The base of our two main hikes Husitským krajem (Through Hussite Country) and Běží liška k Táboru (A Fox Runs to Tábor) is in the building of Sokol. We participate in activities of the Sokol and conversely.


Our cooperation with Junák is mostly orientated to programmes for children and young peoples. In 1999 we prepared with Junák an additional route of the hike Husitským krajem (Through Hussite Country) on occasion of the 80th anniversary of scouting in Tábor.

In 1998 we planted „A Linden of the Republic“ in the Hus Park common with Sokol and Junák, where our annual meetings on 28th October are held.


The KČT Tábor is a member of the Czech Association of Physical Training (ČSTV), so that each member of our section is also a member of the ČSTV.

The City of Tábor

We cooperate in organisation of various sports-tourist activities with representatives of the City of Tábor, e.g., Pochod za kaprem Jakubem (Wandering with Carp Jacob). We are maintaining the Educational and Health Trail of the City of Tábor for 26 years. The plan of this trail is available in the Tourist Information Centre in the Žižka Square, in our clubroom or during hikes.

We collaborated, among others, on edition of printed version of the Recommended Hiking Routes throughout the Tábor Region. The 32-page brochure is available in the Tourist Information Centre in the Žižka Square or in our clubroom.

The City of Tábor has supported the running of the Hýlačka Lookout Tower. In 1999 and 2001 the City of Tábor supported the partnership of our Club and the German Alpine Association, the DAV Constance.

The City of Tábor

Informační centrum mládeže

We cooperate with the Informační centrum mládeže (Youth Information Centre) in spreading of information about our public activities